Renter requirements 

Karshare have strict measures in place to ensure vehicles are used by competent drivers only. In order to rent a Karshare vehicle you must comply with the below eligibility requirements:

  • 21-70 years of age*

  • holding a driving licence for at least two years, issued in the UK, EU, EEA, Australia**, Canada**, Monaco, Switzerland, Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man

  • having max 25% of points deducted or added on the licence, depending on the country (e.g. UK: no more than 3 points added to the licence; Spain: no more than 3 points deducted from the licence)

  • have had no more than one at fault insurance claim in the last 3 years

*For drivers aged 21-24 years, you need to have had 0 (zero) incidents since obtaining the licence. An email needs to be sent to prior to the rental declaring the above.
**Renters with Australian and Canadian licences must be aged between 25-70

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