Karshare want to be a sharing community where members treat each other with respect. We ask that our Renters treat our Owner's cars with care. 

Car usage requirements

The car must only be driven by the Renter who must meet the Renter requirements throughout the Rental Period. Any other drivers will not be covered by the Insurance Policy and will be driving illegally. 

If Karshare becomes aware that a the car has been driven by someone else other than the Renter during the rental period, Karshare will immediately terminate the Renter’s membership and will charge the Renter for Karshare’s reasonable administration costs and additional costs relating to the

The Renter must not:

• use the car for any illegal purpose

• overload the car by number of persons or by weight of goods carried

• use the car whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs

• use the car if the driver may reasonably be considered to be unfit to drive

• use the car for racing, speed-testing or teaching someone to drive

• use the car for any commercial purpose including the carriage of passengers for hire or reward

• use the car off-road

• 'clock' the car or tamper in any way with the car's odometer

• modify the car in any way (including fitting roof racks/bike racks and/or tow bars)

• allow anyone to work on, or fit any new or replacement parts to the car without the express permission of the Owner

• drive the car outside Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands

• drive the car outside the country in which is was picked up without the express permission of Karshare

• if the car has a manual transmission, drive the car without adequate prior experience of using a manual transmission

• smoke in the car, or transport any animals or pets in the car without the express prior consent of the Owner

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