Rental period

You must always return your vehicle before the end of your rental booking. You are only insured to drive when you have an active rental booking. 

You can pay to extend your rental using the app as long as the dates are available.

Booking a car means that it can't be booked by anyone else. There are no refunds for returning the car early.

Grace period

In case you get stuck, we give you a 30 minute grace period to return the car without an additional charge. 


We operate a fair fuel policy to ensure that Renters and Owners are treated fairly.

We record how much fuel there is in the car when you start and end your rental. A credit or debit will be added to your total charges depending on the balance of fuel used.

To ensure there is enough fuel left for the next person we ask that you do not return the car with less than a quarter of a tank.



All cars have a daily mileage limit. If you go over this limit you will currently pay an additional cost of £0.30 extra per mile.

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