Covid Secure Cleaning Policy:

At Karshare, we are taking extra safety precautions to ensure that our community of car owners and car renters can use our service with confidence during the Covid-19 health crisis.

Contactless check-in

  • Karshare uses keyless technology which removes the need for any close contact.

  • Using our secure KarshareGo technology, our community can rent and unlock cars with our app, mitigating the risk of transmission.

  • No Karshare booking requires the car owner to meet with the renter in person.

Clean and sanitised cars

  • Car owners are required to clean and sanitise their vehicles before every rental, paying particular attention to areas such as seatbelts, buttons, switches and steering, as well as external handles on the doors and boot.

  • Karshare provides sanitisation kits to all car owners, which are left in the car for renters to use before and after their booking. They include Ramsol antibacterial sanitiser spray, disposable gloves, hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes.

  • Renters are required to return the car in the same condition as they found it at the time of collection.

  • We recommend car owners get their vehicles professionally cleaned at least once a month.

  • Karshare holds an exclusive 30% discount with Dropless, a leader in sustainable, mobile vehicle cleaning and preparation. To book a car wash and sanitisation, owners can create an account on and use the promo code KARSHARENEW at check-out. Dropless operates throughout Bristol.

You can find more detailed information about our cleaning procedures in our cleaning charter:

Information about cleaning charges can be found below:


Owners are expected to provide a clean vehicle:

  • Clean outside

  • Clean inside

  • Free of rubbish and personal effects


If a renter is unhappy with the cleanliness of the vehicle on pick-up, they must provide photo evidence in the Karshare app and report this before they start their rental.

Renters are expected to return the vehicle in the same clean condition. If a renter returns the vehicle dirty then a cleaning charge can be applied.

The charge will be related the condition the vehicle was returned in.

Good condition: No charge

  • Vehicle has minor dirt on the exterior (light dirt caused by daily driving)

  • Minor dirt in the interior (small number of crumbs, small marks that can easily be wiped away)

Moderate condition: £30 charge

  • Vehicle has moderate dirt on exterior such as mud

  • Floor mats and upholstery require some cleaning and cannot simply be shaken out

  • Light stains or spillages

Poor condition: £100

  • Major stains to upholstery

  • Requires steam cleaning

Pet hair: £100

  • Without the consent of the Vehicle Owner

  • Requires steam cleaning

Smoking: £100

  • Without the consent of the Vehicle Owner

  • Requires scent removal

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