Owners have the choice of setting ‘Smart pricing’ or setting their own price for their vehicle. You will be asked to select an option when on-boarding your vehicle.

Smart Pricing

Karshare recommends setting ‘Smart Pricing’ for the best combination of pricing and demand.

We believe that ‘Smart Pricing’ will boost your earnings by constantly adjusting the price of your vehicle to match demand. The algorithm will determine price using simple criteria like vehicle age and location and will then consider changes in supply and demand based on the time of week, month or year as well local events. 

To turn off ‘Smart Pricing’:

Go to My Cars

  1. Select ‘Pricing’

  2. Select turn off smart pricing

  3. Set your own daily price by clicking the 'Change' button

Own price

Although Karshare recommends using automatic Smart Pricing pricing you may wish to set your own price for your vehicle.

When setting your own price you should take the following into account:

  • Location

  • Age, Mileage

  • Make, Model

  • Specifications of the car e.g. engine type

  • Extras e.g. Bluetooth connectivity, heated seats

  • The price of other Karshare vehicles close by

If you feel like you are not getting enough demand for your vehicle, you may want to use ‘Smart Pricing’

To turn on 'Smart Pricing':

  1. Go to My Cars

  2. Select ‘Pricing’

  3. Select turn on smart pricing

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