Our secure technology makes sharing your car a breeze.


Once you have onboarded your vehicle, we will come and collect your spare key. If you don't have a spare, we can help to source one.

Once your key has been securely delivered to our installation team, they install it into the keyless module.

The keyless module is professionally fitted by an engineer. Thorough checks are performed to ensure KarshareGo is ready for your vehicle to be shared.

Installation involves no rewiring. Should you wish to leave Karshare the technology can be removed and your spare key will be returned to you.


The cost of KarshareGo installation is £195 including VAT.

Karshare requires no upfront payment for the installation; the cost is deducted as a percentage of your rental earnings until the balance has been paid.

You will see this cost appear in your rental statement.

Please also see out Terms and Conditions.



If you decide to leave Karshare before you have paid off the installation cost you will have to pay us the outstanding balance when you leave. There is also a de-installation cost of £105.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for applicable costs to be paid.

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