You can cancel a booking at any time through Karshare's website or app. If you need to cancel your rental, please do so with as much notice as possible so that the Owner has enough time to take a new booking.

Renter cancellation fees and grace periods

The cancellation fee and grace period varies dependent on how close the cancellation is to the booking start time. Please see table below for details.

Cancellation fees and grace periods

Booking start time

Cancellation grace period without charge

Cancellation fee

More than 48 hours away



Between 48 hours to 24 hours away

6 hours

1 day's rental

In less than 24 hours

1 hour

Full booking value

Renter no show

Renters that fail to turn up for their booking will be charged 100% of the booking value.

Owner cancellations

Owners also incur cancellation fees, which can be seen here.

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