If you receive a fine or charge for your vehicle that was related to a rental booking, we will make sure this is paid by the Renter. 

What do I do if I receive a fine or charge?

We ask that you send any charge or fine to help@karshare.com as soon as you receive it. Please make sure you attach photos of the fine or charge document.

Late notice

Most fines and charges come with payment terms which means that the amount owed will grow the longer it is left unpaid. It's therefore important that you send over the fine as soon as you receive it.

Karshare will only be able to make the renter pay for the initial amount. To avoid having to pay the remaining amount, it is important that fines and charges are sent to us as soon as you receive them.

What counts as a fine or a charge?

Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs)
Parking fines
Speeding tickets
Dart Charge (London only)
Congestion charge (London only)
ULEZ charge
Clean Air Zone Charge

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