If your vehicle is damaged during a rental booking, you should report this to us within 24 hours of the end of the rental, but the sooner the better. It's important that these timeframes are adhered to ensure any damage is quickly attributed to the correct rental booking, as well as ensuring the deposit has not been released back to the renter.

We will then investigate the damage using the condition report photos that are taken at the start and end of each rental booking which the Renter has to send to us.

Remember some very minor damage may be deemed as wear and tear - for a definition of what is considered wear and please see 10.8 of our Terms and Conditions

How to report damage to your car?

To report damage you should provide photo evidence of the damage.

Please also include a description of the damage e.g. Dent on the passenger side front door

Please send this to us at help@karshare.com 

What happens next?

When we have received the photos of the damage, we will open an investigation to determine if the Renter caused the damage to your car.

We will look at the photos taken at the start and end of each rental booking to see if the damage was present already or if it was caused during the rental booking.

If the damage was caused during the rental booking, we will arrange and pay for a repair for your car.

Will this affect my insurance?

Your car is fully insured under our insurance policy during all rental bookings. Your personal insurance and no claims policy will not be affected if your car is damaged during a rental booking. 

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