If the car you have booked is available, you will be able to extend your booking.

How to extend a rental

  1. Open your mobile app or go to the website

  2. Select the 'Rentals' section

  3. Click on the dates and times of the rental to take you through to the calendar

  4. Click on the dates and time on the calendar

  5. Edit the pick-up or drop-off time

  6. Click Save

How much does it cost to extend a rental booking?

The cost of the extension will be determined relative to the the length of extension and the price you paid for your original booking. 

When you extend a booking you will also get additional mileage relative to the length of the extension. 

What happens if the car I have booked is not available to extend?

This does not happen very often. When it does, the car will need to be returned to the Owner by the end of the original booking period.

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