We will always display your booking cost breakdown before you make payment.

Rental cost

This is the cost of renting the car which is determined by the price set by the Owner or by Karshare (Smart Pricing).

The cost is the vehicle's price multiplied by the length of the booking period.


We make sure that all bookings are full insured to protect you and the Owner.

The insurance cost is calculated according to the length of the booking period.

Full Excess

This excess is £950 and is the maximum amount that the renters is responsible for in the event of physical damage.

Reduced excess

Renters can reduce the excess to £350 by paying a £25 fee. This option can be selected in the 'choose any extras' section as you make a rental booking.


You must make a deposit to rent a car which can be paid using both a credit and a debit card. The deposit for all Karshare bookings is £250.

Post Booking Costs

An Owner can claim for costs associated with your booking. This could be for damage, fines and charges, fuel or additional mileage.

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