Karshare believe that telematics technology helps protect both you and the Owner. All bookings on the Karshare platform are tracked for driving quality.

How does Telematics work?

Telematics are inbuilt into the Karshare mobile app and will work using your mobile phone. The telematics will track speed, acceleration, braking and cornering in addition to the duration of your driving (for fatigue) and the use of your phone whilst driving (distraction) and the location of the car as you drive (urban vs suburban driving).

Telematics will then determine a driving score for you as you drive and will relay this to you throughout your journey.

A good score is 70/100 or above.

What happens if I get a bad score?

We will send you messages with tips to try and improve your score. It's so important that you alter your driving style immediately to improve the score as a lower score means you have a much higher chance of an incident occurring while you drive. We also reserve the right to ban any renter who does not improve their score to an acceptable level.

How can I improve?

If you are looking to impress your friends with a score nearer the 100 mark, you will have to be very conscious of all elements if your driving.

Tips for improving your score include:

  1. Adhering to the speed limit at all times

  2. Accelerating smoothly 

  3. Breaking smoothly and with lots of time allowed

  4. Cornering at low speeds

  5. Changing direction without any jerky movements (changing lanes or pulling out)

  6. Do not text when you are driving (driver distraction is scored)

  7. Take regular breaks (fatigue is scored)

  8. Don’t drive excessively through the night (also fatigue)

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