Owners listing their cars on Karshare must adhere to our clean car policies. If you turn up to a booking and your car is not clean then please take a photo and report this to us at help@karshare.com

What to expect from your rental car:

  • Clean outside

  • Clean inside

  • Free of rubbish and personal effects

What is expected from you

You are expected to return the vehicle in the same clean condition. If you return the vehicle dirty then a cleaning charge can be applied.

The charge will be related the condition the vehicle was returned in.

Good condition: No charge

  • Vehicle has minor dirt on the exterior (light dirt caused by daily driving)

  • Minor dirt in the interior (small number of crumbs, small marks that can easily be wiped away)

Moderate condition: £30 charge

  • Vehicle has moderate dirt on exterior such as mud

  • Floor mats and upholstery require some cleaning and cannot simply be shaken out

  • Light stains or spillages

Poor condition: £100

  • Major stains to upholstery

  • Requires steam cleaning

Pet hair: £100

  • Without the consent of the Vehicle Owner

  • Requires steam cleaning

Smoking: £100

  • Without the consent of the Vehicle Owner

  • Requires scent removal

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