Owners listing their cars on Karshare must adhere to our clean car policies. If you turn up to a booking and your car is not clean then please take a photo and report this to us at help@karshare.com

What to expect from your rental car:

  • Clean outside

  • Clean inside

  • Free of rubbish and personal effects

What is expected from you

Renters are expected to return the vehicle in the same clean condition. If the vehicle requires a clean the actual cost will be charged (a minimum charge of £20 applies) plus a £10 admin fee to cover the time of organising the clean and liaising with the Owner, plus a £10 Inconvenience fee. The £10 inconvenience fee will either be paid to the Owner if they had to clean their vehicle, or to Karshare, if we have cleaned the car ourselves.

The cost of the clean will vary according to the condition the vehicle is returned in and below are some examples of some indicative charges:

Moderate condition: £30 charge

  • Vehicle has moderate dirt on exterior such as mud

  • Floor mats and upholstery require some cleaning and cannot simply be shaken out

  • Light stains or spillages

Poor condition: £100

  • Major stains to upholstery

  • Requires steam cleaning

Pet hair: £100

  • Without the consent of the Vehicle Owner

  • Requires steam cleaning

Smoking: £100

  • Without the consent of the Vehicle Owner

  • Requires scent removal

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