We operate a fair fuel policy to ensure that Renters and Owners are treated fairly.

How do we manage it?

We record how much fuel there is in the car when you start and end your rental.

A credit or debit will be added to your total charges depending on the balance of fuel used.

To ensure there is enough fuel left for the next person we ask that you do not return the car with less than a quarter of a tank.

If you do not return the car with a quarter of a tank, this will affect your Karshare rating. There is also a £10 Karshare admin charge, plus a £10 charge to cover the cost of the inconvenience to the Owner, in addition to the costs of the shortfall in fuel.

Price of fuel

If you do not fill up the car to the same level you picked it up with, we will charge you accordingly. Fuel charges are based on the market value.

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