All cars on the Karshare platform use keyless technology. This means you don't need to pick up any keys to access the car you have booked. Instead, you use the Karshare mobile app as your key to lock and unlock your car.

Below, we will quickly run through how this works and what this will look like in the app:

1. Finding your car

You can use the pick up and return instructions in your booking confirmation email to see where the car is located

Within 10 minutes of the booking start time, you can go into your booking on the Karshare App and select "view on map"

This will provide a GPS location of the car and you can use either Google Maps or Apple Maps to lead you directly to the car

2. Starting your rental

To start your rental, go into your booking at press the "Start" button below:

3. Condition Reporting

Once you have pressed "Start" the app will direct you to take photos of the car to create a condition report

You can do this by selecting the "Begin walk around"

4. Selfie Verification

Once the condition report is complete, you will be asked to verify your identity by taking a selfie

5. Inputting Fuel and Mileage Readings

Some cars will require you to input the fuel and mileage readings from the car and take a photo of the dashboard showing the corresponding figures are correct.

If the screen below does not appear on your booking you can skip over this section

6. Unlocking your car

Simply press the unlock button on the screen below

Your app will function as the key to the doors of your car

7. Starting the engine

If your car requires a key for the ignition, you will find this in the glove box

N.B. Please ensure the ignition key stays in the car at all times + do not use it to lock and unlock the car or the alarm will go off

If your car uses a button to start and stop the engine, please use this

8. Ending a rental

To end your rental you will need to click the "End rental" button as shown on the screen below

Once you have completed your return condition report, your rental will be ended

However, you will still have 5 minutes to collect your belongings if you have left anything inside

9. Reviewing your rental

We would really appreciate it if you would leave a review of your rental once it has ended

These reviews really help us to improve our service

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