Karshare Credits can be used to receive discounts on rental bookings. They are applied automatically at checkout and will reduce the total rental cost. Each Karshare Credit is worth £1 in discounts, so if you have 20 Karshare Credits, you will receive £20 off your next rental.

You can earn Karshare Credits by inviting friends and family to use Karshare through our referral scheme. Anyone new to the Karshare platform can use your invite link to sign up and book a car rental. For every new renter you bring onboard, we will give both of you £20 in Karshare Credits to be applied to your next rental. If you have referred a friend using your invite link, you will receive your £20 Karshare Credits once your friend has completed their first car rental.

You will also earn Karshare Credits every time you book a rental with us. We will give you back 5% of each total booking price in Credits. That means if you have paid £50 for a rental booking, you will get a discount of £2.50 on your next rental.

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