You can earn rewards by sending your own referral link to friends and family who are looking to put their car on Karshare.

For every new person you refer that adds their vehicle to the platform, we’ll add £50 to your owner balance if you already share your car with Karshare. If you don’t have a car on the platform, we’ll add 50 Karshare credits (worth £50) to your account which can be used for discounted rentals.

You’ll receive either the £50 balance or 50 Karshare credits as soon as the referred car is officially on the platform and ready to rent. Rewards are only released once the new owner has completed the onboarding process. They will also receive their £50 balance at this stage too.

Please note that the £50 added to your Owner balance will be used to help pay off any outstanding negative balance. If your owner balance is positive, we’ll send the £50 reward straight to your chosen payout method.

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